“Shame Off You”

shame off you book
Continuing on in this series of lifting up other amazing writers whose voices I want to share with you, we come to “Shame Off You” by Denise Pass. I was blessed to work with Denise in my last appointment and since that time we have become very close.

The number one thing I appreciate about Denise is her faith and her authenticity. She loves the word of God is this is where she starts with her understanding for everything. Also she is unashamedly herself because she claims the person God has created her to be.

In her book, “Shame off You” she recounts various encounters in her life that caused her shame. She pairs these experiences with Scripture, reflection questions, and a prayer. Her book is for anyone who has held onto shame for any reason. It is all about letting go of our shame and holding on to God’s grace.

This book is especially helpful if you identify in the #metoo movement. Denise takes the pain of her past and shares her voice to give other people hope. If you are looking for hope and to release shame in your life, check out her book. It is great for individual reading and for a church Bible study.

You can purchase it here.

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