Welcome to jessiecolwell.com! I started this website in order to share resources like blog posts and sermons in the hopes that they would be encouring and uplifting to others. So friends, I hope you find hope and light today!

~ Jessie

************BIG NEWS**************

Pastor Jessie’s book “Blessed Wrestling: Biblical Reflections on Discerning God’s Call” will be coming out in the fall of 2021. In this book, Jessie goes through many biblical call stories in the Bible, shares her own story about call, and shares many of the call strories of her colleagues and friends. I hope this book is a blessing to all who experience this blessed wrestling we call discerning. For more information about the book you can go to http://www.blessedwrestling.com.

blessed wrestling book cover 2021

About the Author
Pastor Jessie Colwell is starting her thirteenth year in ministry and is an Ordained Elder in the Virginia Conference of The United Methodist Church. She first started her ministry at Warwick Memorial in Newport News, Virginia where she served for four years, afterwards she served at Culpeper UMC for five years. She currently serves as the lead pastor on the Rappahannock Charge where she serves three churches: Flint Hill UMC, Willis Chapel UMC, and Sperryville UMC. She is passionate about discipleship, call, mentoring, music, and the Word of God.

Jessie is also very connectional and has served on various Global, National, and local boards and agencies. She currently serves on the Board of Ordained Ministry, the Calling 21 Team, and the District Committee on Ministry. Jessie has been married to her husband Nelson for seven years and Dean is their five-year-old son.

You can find Jessie every Sunday leading worship on the Rappahannock Charge¬†where she serves as lead pastor. Check out Jessie’s sermons.