“Rejoice in Joy”

Advent Christmas Clipart

Some of my earliest Christmas memories include holding a burning candle and singing “Joy to the World.” At my home church on Christmas Eve, we end the service by singing “Silent Night” and all the lights are turned out. Then on the last verse everyone, following the pastor’s direction, raises their candle high into the sky on the last verse. There are no words that can describe a moment like this…just pure awe and joy.

Then all of the sudden after a brief pause, the lights come on and we sing a hearty and happy “Joy to the World.” This is one of my favorite things I experience at my home church.

On this third Sunday in Advent, we take a moment to stop in the busyness of our lives and receive Christ, our joy. This is what the tradition of the pink candle is all about: to take one week out of the four weeks of Advent and rejoice!

This Sunday we will take a close look, at Mary, the mother of Jesus, who was the first to experience the joy of Christ. I hope to see you at church!

Prayer: Almighty God, we thank you that you make joy available to us at all times and all places through our faith in Jesus Christ. Like Mary, help us to embrace the joy that is bestowed upon us through the new life we encounter all around us. Help us to share joy with others, especially this season of Advent. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen. 

Image used by permission with subscription to sharefaith.com

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